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Welcome to Lardnermania.  On the Web since 1995.
Updated 06 February 2008


Table of Contents


January, 2008
The beginning of the next spurt of additions.

A letter from Lardner to a co-worker at the gas company.

April, 2006
More Lardner family
history with the gravestones of family members in Niles and a Niles Family Bible.

March, 2006
Friends is updated.

February, 2006
Lardner History I
The Lardner family from the time they arrive in America in the 1700s until they move to Michigan 100 years later.  Ring's name originates here.

January, 2006
The latest edition, celebrating random acts of Lardner.  It is getting more and more random.

Lardner's first play, produced when he was just 18 and performed in his hometown, Niles, Michigan (1903).  I have scanned the original program and play. 

Lardner on Film
A listing of TV and movie adaptations of Lardner's stories.  It also includes a short list of movies in which Lardner has appeared, in person or as a character. 


  Life: A general overview of Lardner's life, career, and influence. Other pages in this section: a chronology, activities of historical significance, and prohibition and Lardner

His Writing: A listing of Lardner's major publicationsOther pages in this section:

Excerpts from his Writing. Choice parts of Bib Ballads, "Alibi Ike," and "The Young Immigrunts" can be found on the main page.

The essay "Sport and Play" the humor piece "Symptoms of Being 35", the book Own Your Own Home, the play Zanzibar, and some of his early columns for the Chicago Tribune, In the Wake of the News are presented in full on separate pages.

A Complete Short Story List. The stories and where they can be found are listed in chronological order and in alphabetical order on separate pages.

An incomplete chronological listing of Lardner's music.

An introduction and listing of Lardner's plays.

A listing of Lardner in film. 



  Features: A number of articles and notes that don't fit exactly in the other sections.  Other pages in this section:

Spooldrippings: Notes, Lardner family news, trivia, and your letters.

Spooldrippings Archives: Old notes from  1995 - 1997, 1997 -  1998, 1998 -  2001, and 2001-2005.

Two Unpublished Letters of Ring Lardner, with Comment
by Kevin Grace

Ring & I
by Scott Topping
A lame attempt to explain why I love Lardner.

Finds: Some Lardner related items you'll find only on this page. Currently, it includes some of Donald Elder's notes on Round Up, the lyrics to "Home, Sweet Home (That's Where the Real War is)," and a letter from Ring's mother.

Connections: A brief account of how Ring is connected with Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Terri McMillian, and more.

Links: Some Lardner related WEB sites.

Lardner Bookstore Several books by and about Ring, plus books by other Lardners--all of which can be purchased online.


  Readers Guides:  Publication histories, plot summaries, character lists, and criticism of some of Lardner's stories.  Other pages in this section:

Champion, Haircut, June Moon, The Love Nest,  and Nora

Study Guide: A good starting point for the student or researcher. Each bibliography is annotated. Other pages in this section:

Books on Lardner.

Magazine and Journal Articles (by author) A-M,

Parts of Books.

Dissertations and Theses.

Museums and Libraries.

The Lardner Family  A tribute to the generations of writing Lardners.

Other pages in this section:

The Ring Lardner, Jr Page: Some information about the Academy Award winning son of Ring Lardner.

The Writing Lardners:  A list of some of the publications of four generations of Lardners.




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