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Lardner Headstones

at Silverbrook Cemetery,
Niles, Michigan

Updated 08 April 2006




Many of Ring Lardner's relatives are buried in the Silverbrook Cemetery in Niles, Michigan.  Unlike other markers for early Niles settlers, the Lardner stones are small, simple, and understated.  Below are stones for the families of original settlers Henry (Ring's grandfather), William (Henry's cousin), and Lawrence Salter (Henry's brother), as well as those of Ring's parents, sisters, and cousins. 

Henry Lardner Plot

Lena, Henry, Lena, Elizabeth, Ring's immediate family.

Henry Lardner

Ring's father (1839-1914).

Lena B. Lardner

Ring's mother, (1843-1919).

Lena Lardner

Ring's sister (1876 - 1960).

Elizabeth Lardner

Ring's sister (1863-1865).

Mary and Henry Lardner

Ring Lardner's grandparents.

Mary A. Lardner

Ring's grandmother, who died shortly after the birth of his father.

Henry Lardner

Ring's grandfather.

The William Lardner Family Plot

William Lardner was Henry Lardner's cousin.

William and Julia Lardner

Margaret and Frances Lardner

Children of William and Julia Lardner.

James Lardner

Son of William and Julia Lardner.

Lawrence S. Lardner Family

Lawrence Salter Lardner was a brother of Henry Lardner, Ring's great uncle.

Catherine Lardner

Daughter of Lawrence and Mary Lardner (1836-1911). The stone is toppled.


The top of Catherine's stone.

Mary and Lucy Lardner

Mary Breck (1809-1849) was the wife of Lawrence, Lucy their infant daughter.

Mary and Lucy

The top of Mary and Lucy Lardner's marker.

Hannah Lardner

Daughter of Lawrence and Mary Lardner (1833-1905).

James and Savanah Lardner

James is the son of William and Julia Lardner. He lived in the area his entire life.








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